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 Life of the Buddha 
The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived

Portrait of the Buddha

The Life of the Buddha – Parts One and Two

Life of the Buddha (For Children)

Light of Asia

A Young People’s Life of the Buddha


The Buddhist Way of Meditation: Guide to Meditation Teachers

A Still Forest Pool

Mindfulness in plain English

One Vehicle for Peace and Development of Mindfulness

The Practice of Loving Kindness – Metta

Living Dhamma

The Only Path to Nibbana 

Maha Satipatthana Sutta

Food for the Heart

Meditation on Breathing


 Suttas ( Sermons and discoures )
Kalama Sutta (Kesamutta Sutta)

The Great Book of Protective Blessings

The First Discourse of the Buddha Dhammacakkapavattana Sutta.

The Only Path to Nibbana – Maha Satipatthana Sutta.



 Children's Books
Parents and Children – Key to Happiness

Love Your Parents

A Young People’s Life of the Buddha

Life of the Buddha (For Children)

Moral Stories – Read them –Colour them.

Morals of the Young

Buddhism for Beginners


The Buddhist Doctrine

The Buddha Word

Facets of Buddhist Thought

Buddhism for Human Life

The Tree of Enlightenment

The Essence of Buddhism

What is the Basis of Buddhist Teaching?

An Introduction to Buddhism

Vision of the Buddha – The Buddha and His Teachings

Buddhism – The Religion and its culture


 Lives of Buddhist Saints

Pen Portraits: Ninety Three Eminent Disciples of the Buddha

Buddha’s Constant Companion


 Reference Books 

Buddhism for Human Life

Manual of Buddhism

Concise Pali- English Dictionary


Text Books
The New Pali Course – Parts 1 and 2


Practical and Social Aspects of Buddhism

The Five Precepts

What Buddhists Believe



The Five Precepts

Food for the Heart

What Buddhists Believe

Are you Grown-up?




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