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In the whole history of Buddhist Publications in the world, the series of works produced by the Singapore Buddhist Meditation Centre, forms a unique contribution.  A total listing of all the publications cannot be issued at any time because new works keep on being added constantly. The indicated donations are merely for reprinting costs to enable SBMC to continue its services.

 This is the current listing which will be upgraded regularly.


Treasury  of Truth – Illustrated Dhammapada                                   

Nature of Life and Death                                                                

The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived.                                                 

Parents and Children – Key to Happiness.                                        

Light of Asia.                                                                                   

Illustrated Jataka Tales                                                                     

The Great Book of Protective  Blessings.                                          

Vision of the Buddha – The Buddha and His Teachings.                    

The Only Path to Nibbana – Maha Satipatthana Sutta.                      

Morals of the Young                                                                       

Buddha’s Constant Companion – Venerable Ananda.                       

Buddhism Explained                                                                        

Are you Grown-up?                                                                        

A Still Forest Pool                                                                          

Doctrinal and Cultural Aspects of Buddhism                                    

Kalama Sutta (Kesamutta Sutta)                                                      

Mindfulness in plain English                                                              

Buddhism for Human Life.                                                                

Manual of Buddhism.                                                                       

The Buddha Word                                                                           

The New Pali Course – Parts 1 and 2                                               

How to Live Without Fear and Worry.                                            

Love Your Parents.                                                                         

The Tree of Enlightenment.                                                              

Living Dhamma .                                                                            

Portrait of the Buddha .                                                                  

Food for the Heart                                                                           

Moral Stories – Read them –Colour them.                                       

A Young People’s Life of the Buddha.                                             

The Life of the Buddha – Parts One                                                  

The Life of the Buddha – Parts  Two.                                              

The Religious Significance of the Full moons.                                    

Pen Portraits: Ninety Three Eminent Disciples of the Buddha.           

The Essence of Buddhism.                                                               

The Five Precepts.                                                                            

One Vehicle for Peace and Development of Mindfulness.                  

Buddhism for Beginners.                                                                  

Buddhsim – The Religion and its culture.                                           

What is the Basis of Buddhist Teaching?                                           

The First Discourse of the Buddha – Dhammacakkapavattana Sutta.

The Practice of Loving Kindness – Metta                                       

Meditation on Breathing.                                                                  

An Introduction to Buddhism.                                                          

What Buddhists Believe.                                                                  

Concise Pali- English Dictionary.                                                     

Life of the Buddha (For Children).                                                    

Facets of Buddhist Thought.                                                              

The Buddhist Way of Meditation:  Guide to Meditation Teachers.     

Prince Goodspeaker

King Fruitful                                                                                      

Treasure of the Dhamma.                                                                  

The Global Philosophy                                                                     

The Danger of I                                                                                

Vandana – Buddhist Devotions                                                        

Why Worry                                                                                     

Good, Evial and Beyond-Kamma in Buddhist Teaching                     

Citta Viveka – Teaching from the Silent Mind                                  

Buddhist Devotions                                                                                

The Seven Stages of Purification and the Insight Knowledge             

(A Guide to the Progressive Stages of Buddhist Meditation)              

The Power of Mindfulness                                                               

Reflection on Death                                                                         

The Supreme Science of the Buddha                                                

The Dhammapada (Pali Texts and Translation with Stories in Brief and Notes)

A Happy Married Life (A Buddhist Perspective)                               

How to Live Without Fear and Worry                                              

The Buddha’s Ancient Path                                                              

The Buddha and His Teaching                                                          

Buddhism in a Nutshell                                                                      

Do You Believe in Rebirth?                                                               

Living Meditation, Living Insight – The Path of Mindfulness in Daily Life.

Vippasana Meditation – Lectures on Insight Meditation                      

Calm and Insight                                                                                

The Exposition of Buddhism..

The Teachings of Ajan Fuang Jotiko.

The Anapana Sutta

Life of a Lay Buddhist Meditation Awareness.

Buddhist for Young Students.

Human Life and Problems.

Basic Buddhist Course.

The Way to Nibbana.

The Wings to Awakening.

The Teaching of Buddha.

Meditation on Loving Kindness (Karaniya Metta Sutta)

A Pictorial Biography of Sakyamuni Buddha (Chinese – English colour)  

Buddha and His Teachings (Sinhala edition) by Ven. W. Sarada Maha Thero

The Buddhist Way of Meditation (Sinhala Edition) by Ven. W. Sarada Maha Thero

Path to Freedom by Percy Nanayakkara

Sigalovada Sutta - A code of Discipline for Layman  by Ven. Pemaratana Thero

Dana (Chinese edition) by Bhikkhu Visuddhacara

Dana (gifts) and the Blessings of Giving  by Egerton C. Baptist

Buddhism for Every Man by  W.G.Weeraratne

The Buddhist Concept of Heaven and Hell by Ven. Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda Nayaka Maha Thero

Question of Milindha (Chinese edition) by Singapore Buddhist Meditation Centre

The Seeker's Glossary of Buddhism

Empty Cloud: The Teachings of Xu Yun and a remembrance of the Great Chinese Zen Master

The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived - The Supreme Buddha

The Direct Approach to Buddha-Dhamma: An Exhortation be Alert to the Dhamma

Taming the Monkey Mind

Buddhism the Wisdom of Compassion and Awakening

What the Buddha Taught

Practising the Dhamma with a view to Nibbana

The Gift of Well-Being

Buddhist Sunday School Lessons

Loving and Dying

A Manual of Buddhism

Guide to Tipitaka

A Manual of Abhidhamma

Changing Destiny

What Buddhist Believe (With Illustration)

Questions and the Buddha's Answers






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