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Regular Religious Services



Daily Chanting 



Religious Services are held from  6.30 a.m. 7.30 a.m. everyday by resident monks. Devotees can participate in these services. At these sessions blessings are conferred on devotees and transference of merit to the departed is also effected



Annual Robe Offering  Ceremony


Annually a robe offering ceremony is held, at the end of the traditional rainy season.

  At this ceremony held usually at a specially selected venue. the monks are offered robes by devotees. Sermons, lectures and other activities are associated with this annual ceremony.


The robe offering ceremony is an event that traces its origin to the days of the Enlightened One. Buddhists everywhere in the world consider it a highly meritorious activity to offer robes to the monks.



Annual Memorial Service


Singapore Buddhist Meditation Centre will hold, its annual  memorial service in September every year.  This is the season to remember your dear departed loved ones, by transferring merit to them. The duty of the living is to make various offerings to the monks or to the needy ones, and transfer the merits of those virtuous actions to the Departed. 


Those living relatives, who transfer merit, should mention the Departed Ones, specifically by their name.  When those departed spirits receive the merits transferred to them; they feel a sense of happiness and relief. They, in turn bless the living friends and relatives who have transferred merits to them.  Those departed ones wish the living, prosperity, long life and good health.   



Vesak Celebration





Every year on Vesak Full-Moon day a series of religious events is organized.



For More Information Contact:

Singapore Buddhist Meditation Centre
No. 1, Jalan Mas Puteh
Tel: 65 - 7783330
FAX: 65 - 7730150
Internet: wsarada@pacific.net.sg


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Contact Information

 Ven. W. Sarada Maha Thero. No. 1, Jalan Mas Puteh, Singapore 128607, 

Tel: 6 7783330, Fax: 6 7730150