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Pali Chanting 


Ven. Weragoda Sarada Maha Thero



Aradhana - Invitation to Devas
Jaya Paritta - Recital for Invoking Victory
Jina Panjara - The Buddha's Mansion
Narasiha Gata - Lion of Men  - by Kalhari Jayasekara
Jaya Mangala Gatha - Stanzas of Victory - by Kalhari Jayasekara




Aradhana - Invitation to Devas

                One day Sakka, the king of the Devas approached the Buddha and requested Him to invite the Devas to listen whenever the Dhamma was preached.  Assuredly pleased, the Devas in return would protect the devotees.  Ever since, the Buddha's disciples have always extend the invitation to the Devas before the recital of Suttas and reminded them of their obligation to protect the devotees.



Jaya Paritta - Recital for Invoking Victory

The recital of the Jaya Paritta is to gain protection, security, and victory. The translation given here has been rendered to convey note of the literary rather than the literal meaning of some Pali words.  

Homage to the Buddha, the Exalted, the Worthy, the fully Enlightened One, possessed of glory, strength, wisdom, splendour, victory, success, great psychic powers, limitless great virtues, merits abundant, and capable of repelling all kinds of perils.

Verily, may all your illnesses, sorrows, dangers, misery, anguish and restlessness vanish, may all your wishes be fulfilled; may you live long and have longevity blessed with the majesty of the thirty two signs and eighty secondary signs of the Great Teacher, the one hundred and eight auspicious signs, the six coloured rays, the aura of the Buddha, the ten high virtues, the ten higher virtues, the ten crowning virtues, magnificent with morality, concentration and wisdom.

May you also live long with the grace of the Buddha, the fully Enlightened One, the Dhamma,  His noble teaching, the Sangha (His disciples) who live in splendour with psychic powers, energy, right view, eighty four thousand sections of the Dhamma, nine supramundane ideal states, the Eightfold Path, the eight mental stages of meditation, six super knowledges, sympathy, compassion, kindliness, equanimity, all (thirty) principl virtues under the refuge of the Triple Gem.

May guardian deities of the sky, the mountains, the forests, the earth, the lakes, the rivers and the great oceans defend you.

With the grace of the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha, the Triple Gem, eighty four thousand sections of the Dhamma, the Tripitaka, the holy disciples of the Buddha, may all your illnesses, fears, perils, dangers, bad omens and misfortunes be destroyed.

May you always be a cultivator of longevity, riches, glory, fame, strength, appearance and comfort.





(In direct order; the arising)

i-ii. Avijjä-paccayä sankhärä

ii-iii. Sankhära –paccayä viññänam

iii-iv. Viññäna-paccayä näma-rupam

iv-v. Näma-rupa –paccayä saläyatanam

v-vi. Saläyatana –paccayä phasso

vi-vii. Phassa –paccayä vedanä

vii-viii. Vedanä –paccayä tanhä

viii-ix. Tanhä –paccayä upädänam

ix-x. Upädäna –paccayä bhavo

x-xi. Bhava –paccayä jäti

xi-xii. Jäti –paccayä jarä-maranam soka-parideva-dukkha- domanassupäyäsä sambhavanti.

Evametassa kevalassa dukkhakkhandassa samudayo hoti.




i-ii. Avijjäyatveva asesa-viräga-nirodhä sankhära nirodho

ii-iii. Sankhära nirodhä vijjäñña- nirodho

iii-iv. Vijjäñña nirodhä näma-rupa nirodho

iv-v. Näma-rupa nirodhä saläyatana nirodho

v-vi. Saläyatana nirodhä phassa nirodho

vi-vii. Phassa nirodhä vedanä nirodho

vii-viii. Vedanä nirodhä tanhä nirodho

viii-ix. Tanhä nirodhä upädana nirodho

ix-x. Upädäna nirodhä bhava nirodho

x-xi. Bhava nirodhä jäti nirodho

xi-xii. Jäti nirodhä jarä-maranam soka-parideva dukkha domanassupäyäsä nirujjhanti,

Evametassa kevalassa dukkhakkhandhassa nirodho hoti.

(Samyutta Nikaya, ii, 1)







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