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Blessing   Services  


We at SBMC, are always prepared to perform blessing services for the devotees to mark any occasion. This includes  programmes for home visits on invitation.


Birthday Blessings



We are pleased to inform you that at SBMC we can arrange birthday celebrations.  In some households it is not quite convenient to hold birthday celebrations adequately.   All celebrations connected with birthdays can be held at SBMC. Arrangements can be made to cut the birthday cake at SBMC premises. Birthday lunches and dinners can be arranged along with all the religious blessings. Those who wish to benefit from these birthday blessings, can keep us informed ahead of time, to enable us to make preliminary preparations.  Those who wish to make use of these facilities can send the necessary information on the following form:  



Telephone:  (R)                                   (O)

Name of the person-celebrating Birthday:

Date of Birth:

Time (Blessings are required.)



Special New Year House Blessings



SBMC is pleased to announce that Chief Monk Ven. W. Sarada Maha Thero is extending his services to call on the homes of members and devotees to chant new year blessings during the two weeks of Chinese new year. These home blessings will be held under prior arrangement.





Other Blessing Services



We perform special blessing services at housewarming ceremonies, wedding services and at wedding anniversaries.

We can arrange home visits and hospital visits to bless the sick and the convalescent , to help in their process of recovery.




Other Services




In terms of Buddhist Teachings the performance of last rites is an important religious event. We perform these rites with due solemnity and respect. These arrangements for funeral services can take place through consultation with us.

It is equally important to transfer merits to the dear departed at due times. We conduct these services in terms of requests of the devotees.

Details regarding these can be obtained on enquiry.

Our services are all free of charge.



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Contact Information

 Ven. W. Sarada Maha Thero. No. 1, Jalan Mas Puteh, Singapore 128607, 

Tel: 6 7783330, Fax: 6 7730150